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      - Frederick J. Stemp, Jr.


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      - Rising Tide

      - Donna Piranha Byczkiewicz

      - Didi Banerji

      - Adam M. Dubbin

      - Occupy Wall Street

      - Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline

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    Truckers/Union Members



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The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

Above is a video which everyone should watch as soon as possible.  This is  The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

The Blunt Truth About The Government Shutdown  Cllick here to find out what is really going on.
Watch “Inside Job” to learn how the banksters stole from the American people.
Solving-the-mystery- of WTC Building 7 with Ed Asner - 01-28-13   Click here to view the message.
Thought From Within by Woody Harrelson.  Click here to view what Woody has to say.
The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America
The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

The Collapse of The American Dream

An Open Message to Police & Military

Click here to view the breakdown of the Fortune 500, from how much they made compared to how many people they employ.


USA Takeover Banner Charlie Chaplin1
Messege To Humanity

If you are “old” enough to remember Charlie Chapman, or if you even love Charlie Chapman, click here.

If you were born after 1945, click here for a message to humanity.


Click here to listen to, or download, the first recording sent to Donna Piranha.

Click here to listen to, or download, the second recording sent to Donna Piranha.


Click here to listen to Donna do her impersonation of her homeless boyfriend.

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Above is the CD cover for a band called Snakepit, which Donna played guitar for. She is the first snake on the cover. She would always bring up this fact and tell me how she sued Slash, from Guns and Roses, for using this name and won. She said the result was that Slash had to add his name to the band’s name and came up with Slash’s Snakepit. Attempts to verify this was met with great difficulty as I could find nothing on the subject. I googled Slash being sued for using the name and found nothing. Nothing on wiki either. I googled the name and found about three bands with the name Snakepit, one of which was Slash’s and none of which was Donna’s. Not that it didn’t exist, you can see the CD cover. It’s just that its time had come and went and without leaving any lasting memory of it. She claims that if you tell Slash that Donna Piranha says “hi” it will drive him crazy. Sure. I think this girl is full of crap. Knowing her ego, I’m sure she saved the image above for herself.   However, I did find a trademark registration page with Donna’s and someone who may be Slash, along with Donna’s band mates.  You can view it here.  But I’ve got another story about Donna, Slash and myself.

Donna was the only “friend” who was with me on my 50th birthday.  We had made plans to celebrate it in Hollywood, on the strip.  A few days before, I got tickets to a concert at the Viper Room days before.  On that day, I drove into L.A., rented a motel room and saw the sights.  Around dinner I returned and walked around looking for something to eat.  I was hoping Donna would be there by that time, but she was at Nadine’s (Occumom’s) house.  After a while of telling me she didn’t want to show up, after I had already checked in to the motel, she convinced me to drive to the strip and she would meet me there. At eight or nine I got restless, jumped on my bike and rode to the strip where I parked it and began checking out the sights.  She told me to meet her at the Rainbow Room and that I would probably see Slash there.  I got there, picked a stool at the bar, ordered a beer and waited.  I met a dude there and when he found out it was my 50th, the shots started flowing.  This night is going to be fun.

While at the bar I got a text from Donna saying she was right outside.  I walked out, spoke with her at the curb while she what double parked, then watched her drive away to find a parking spot.  As I waited I met a woman who was pretty much on her own as well as me…if Donna hadn’t shown up.  We talked and we kind of into hanging out, but Donna soon walked up on us and wanted to go down the street to the Viper Room. The woman didn’t want to be a third wheel.  I understand. 

As soon as she got there she reminded me that she was there even though she wasn’t feeling too great and that it was because, and she really said this, because “we don’t leave an Occupier alone”.  This is exactly what she said, about when she met me.  Remember?   (Like Trump saying he saw thousands dancing in the streets of Jersey City during 911, when what he really saw was a hundred or two dancing in the streets of Palestine.  Just like Trump, Donna is either a little confused, or she is just using facts from another incident to make her story sound...who knows what.)  We went to the concert and the shots kept flowing.  All I remember from that night, which Donna claims involved an In N Out Berger joint, was standing on the top of the stairs (the fire escape) of the Whisky A Go Go’s club, puking over the railing and a guy coming out telling me I had to leave.  I was there because Donna wanted to sneak in to this club.  She said she played there with her band Snakepit and wanted to show me how cool it was.  There was a sold out show of one of the oldest punk bands there that night, so were weren’t getting in through the front door. 

A funny thing about this night, while at the Rainbow Room and waiting on Donna to show up, I went outside and saw whom I thought was Slash.  I called Donna to tell her and she was telling me to go up to him and say “Donna Piranha says hi”.  Not too sure that was he and if so, how he would react to such a statement made without an introduction first.  I blew it off.  Later, before Donna showed up, this guy got into a 1948 Cadillac, or so, that was parked right out front, and drove away.  He did have a vanity plate on the car that said SAUL.  I told Donna about it, but she said it probably wasn’t him.  I just want to point out that the name on that trademark registration form, other than Donna’s band, is someone named Saul Hudson.  Hmm.  I could google it, but I think I already know.  If Donna had gotten there at dinner time like she like she would be, we all could have had a stroll down memory lane together.  Maybe that is why she was late.

Here’s another thing she talks about that is full of crap as well, She always said she was a programmer, but all I found on her programing abilities was that static home page made with flash...Ooo. She hasn’t done anything to it in 13 years, but pays for it still. Weird. It’s ego. Maybe she will now defame me all over this blank site she never told me about.


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