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Update:  July 6, 2016

Conclusion:                                                                                  Back to Donna’s page.

Wow, how to sum up the past 17,000 words and try to place it here in less then three.  We are going to discuss this no matter how many words it takes.  There is a huge lesson here.

Getting down to the crux of this matter is not only about what Donna thinks, but also why she thinks that way.  This is that programming I spoke about at work here.  Why she thinks the way she does all comes down to her core beliefs.  Core beliefs are easy to predict in a person.  Once you know how they grew up and a few of their experiences in life, you can pretty much sum up why a person acts like the way they do.  In chapter 9 of my book “Without A Gun”, I stated to a man named Robert, that we are all products of our environment.  He said we all act due to economic survival.  Yes, most do act for economic survival, but not all.  Any economic survival decisions we make are still because of our “environment”.  It is from the outcomes of our programming and how each of us looks at life and the things we are asked to do in it that make up our core beliefs.  Those that would take a job that asks them to carry a weapon or kill for the “state” took that job made on their own core beliefs.  No person who holds a core belief that it is just wrong to kill people would ever take that job, unless they have other core beliefs that say that God or that morality stuff is for the birds.  The decision to do or not do that job would depend on which core belief is stronger.  So with Donna, we have to figure out what core belief of hers told her that it would be the righteous thing to do, by trying to stop me and this plan from ever getting out.

Evil is produced.  We are all born into this violent word, expected to “pay” for our stay.  Religions teach hate.  Ignorant people teach hate.  Most of all, our parents also transfer that hate on us, thus teaching it as well.  As we grow, core beliefs are being inputted onto our souls.  Most of those core beliefs are really just the first thing we heard about anything in life.  Others are formed by our experiences.  But that is how evil is introduced to the psyche.  It comes in without anyone ever feeling it.  I believe that there is a moment in time, before maturity, when we are all faced with a dilemma in life.  A question of, “will I continue on this path I am following, or will I walk my own?”  This could also be the point of maturity.  I believe it is at that point in time that one makes a decision on whether or not to be a cool person, or a dick.

What do I mean by being cool, or being a dick?  Well, that is the life long struggle, isn’t it?  You can be cool, strait up with people, or you can be a dick and lie to folks to get your way or riches desired.  Which way do you suppose Donna went?  One thing I definitely know is that Donna is a misandrist, an egotistical, man hating, man eating piranha.  You can’t tell?  Let me spell it out for you.

I already know that Donna’s father used to abuse her.  She has only admitted to physical abuse, but who knows other than she?  She grew up Catholic, so that gives me beliefs about her, based on my core beliefs, which says…never mind what it says.  It has nothing to do with her and this is all something she has already admitted to.  But she turned her back on the church admitting it was all the hypocrisy that did it.  You know, loving Christian that beet’s his kid. 

As a Catholic, she was told never to lie, only to grow up hearing that and then finding out that she had been lied to about a magical man and his flying reindeer.  Half of the children who believed in Santa Clause will have a reaction to learning the truth by either getting pissed off and losing trust in people, or by blowing it off.   Those are the ones you have to watch out for.  So just knowing that she had to deal with the question in life of how she felt being fooled by the adults and the fact that her father used to abuse her, gives me insight.

Looking back, having done the investigation on this public figure, I was able to connect the dots, much like I did in my second book, “Justification for the Fourth American Revolution”.  I don’t know a lot about her life experiences, but I do know that her father died a millionaire and left her nothing.  Probably because she was a college dropout and he was a rich rocket scientist.  She must have been an disappointment to him.  My father feels that way about me, so I know.  I also know a few other rich kids (girls) that didn’t get anything from daddy when they died and boy are they pissed off about it as well.  She dropped out of college and did who knows what for the entire Me decade.  In the 90’s she reinvented herself and became a heavy metal punk rock star, in her own mind.  We read all about that time above, but let’s take a closer look at this time and the time that followed.

Snakepit’s CD came out in 1994.  I’m sure that was their heyday and even though I don’t know this for sure, it’s a pretty good assumption that they didn’t last very long.  In fact, I’m sure they all had day jobs they never left.  I saw all this, five-years previous, with my roommates’ band.  My guess is that after the band, Donna went back to school to study archeology and met Rick.  In 2000 and 2001, Donna then attempts to reinvent herself by purchasing at least three URLs, including The Polish American Heritage Group.  She is now some kind of computer coder and will make her fortune that way.

Around the time of the breakup of her band, Donna realized that the million dollars she was counting on to take her into economic dependency, was never going to come.  Not that way, at least.  The rock star life style of “doing” (as she put it) up to three guys a night, that was over too.  She had to find a fallback.  And what does an old egotistical, misandrist choose as a mate, why the trophy husband, of course.  Just as the mysonganist will take the younger trophy-wife, so too will she, a washed up, middle aged, yet not ready to accept that fact, rock star in her own mind, will do the same.  She met Rick, a man 10 or 15 years her junior.  She found one of those younger men that scratched her itch in a way she could not find in the hundred’s that came before him.  She returned to school, got her degree, and then what?

She did go to Egypt to dig, but I doubt she was paid for this.  In last night’s twitter war, Donna posted a couple of tweets with pictures to show you she really did go to Egypt.  More, “look at me”, shit.  (The first sentence of this paragraph was written two days ago.)   However, I am willing to bet that her mother gave her the trip as a graduation present.  I am sure there is not one W2 where she lists “archeologist” on the “occupation” line and how much they paid her.  She claims in the tweet that she is on some kind of five year “secrete” mission involving the Pyramids, which Dr. Ben Carson tells us was used to store grain with.  She can tell us whatever she wants; I know the truth. 

That Egypt thing never took off.  She will claim that it was because of the coup in Egypt that she cannot return there to dig, but come on, there aren’t any other places on the planet your job could send you to?  Enter the Heritage Group. 

This is a group that Donna claims her father started.  Maybe he did, but I doubt it.  Of the three sites found, this is the only one that has any real content on it.  But let’s take a closer look at this group and what they do and we find out they really do nothing.  They have no official state charter.  They are listed nowhere in the business directories, or non-profit group directories.  Other then providing links to polish themed sites and a couple of cute stories mostly praising her dad, the only real thing I can see that this site does is to solicit donations for its continued existence.   The address is listed online as being Agate Street.  Not only that, but she renewed her two other sites last month and gave that same address to the dot com people.  Hmm.  It is quite clear that this “old” apartment of Donna’s was not the original address of the Polish American Heritage Group, but why would a person who claims to be homeless not use her mother’s address for her banking or DMV needs? I want her to take a picture of her driver’s license, car registration and insurance card where the address is shown.  It would be nice to see what it is.  I guarantee you, it does not say “homeless” and have an Email address and/or phone number on it.  Believe me, I have tried.  Everyone who is legal to drive his or her own car has to have a physical address to send the paperwork to.  P.O. boxes won’t do.  Maybe in California they do, but not in other states and I have been licensed to drive in five or six states.  Using Occam’s razor, my conclusion is that she either lives there, or knows who does because she is getting her government mail and solicited donations sent there.  Any statement she might make that this Heritage Group or web sit is just something started by her father, still does not explain why she is still actively soliciting donations from it.  She can say she is not, but if that were true she would not have a physical address for where to send the checks or an e-mail address that goes to her, listed online.  You google her father and the only story that it brings you to is her site and the story posted by Donna.  The rest of the results are for his son, Donna’s brother.  I wonder if Bonnie or little Vic knows what their sister has been up to?  Maybe I’ll write them and send a few links.

Even though Donna portrays herself to the Occupy Wall Street media folks as a savvy coder, this one of her three web sites was built by another person, but still maintained by her.  She is so vain.  In her meta-tags she has a bunch of polish words alone with her last name, Byczkiewicz, so you can find her.  Of course, her dad’s page as well.  So she begins using this scam to make money because her core beliefs tell her it is fine to steal from tourists and immigrants then not to.  She is using her Stockholm Syndrome to justify in her core beliefs that this man and what he did to her as a little girl makes it okay to do this scam to the people he loved so much; maybe even more than her in her mind.  What she and her boy toy actually did over the next decade is anyone’s guess.

I never used social media, but Donna had a twitter account by 2009.  I know she had a myspace account, but she switched to facebook some time before the start of the occupy movement.  We see a lot of this activity above.  In all of this activity, there is no mention of Donna ever being interested in activism.  She wanted nothing to do with holding a sign before the start of Occupy Wall Street.  She wanted to make money as a rock star or be a rich and famous dirt digger.  Neither of which worked out for her.  At the time of Occupy Wall Street, Donna must have been thinking what she and her boytoy were going to do to survive.  She had the phony Polish American Heritage Group, but how much could she really be making through that?  She had, by this time, learned that Rick was a junkie and was bailing him out of jail because of it.  The next is speculation, but why not?  He or they got busted and were going to jail for a very long time, so Donna made a deal with them. Her core beliefs were that all men lied, no man was going to take care of her, one may have just cost her her’s and/or her boyfriend’s freedom, she wanted to keep bliss, so she joined up with the republicrats.  Sad, but true.  She takes to the social media and reinvents herself, leaving behind everything up to this point to be a spy for the government.  I’ll bet they don’t even pay her that much.

Now she’s in.  She has cash and a car and a younger boyfriend that doesn’t really care too much for the movement; guess he just wanted to get high.  According to her she spends the next year giving away 186 grand.  Now she is broke and wants us to believe this.  But as I found out, she is living on Agate Avenue in San Diego.  Her core beliefs told her that this movement that was starting up was never going to succeed and it would be advantageous for her to join the republicrats, the winning side, to help quash this movement, than to go to jail.  Hey, ignorance is bliss, right?

Her assignment was obviously me, in 2012.  At that time I was not letting go.  I had court cases I was handling for Occupy Wall Street, not only for myself but for another occupier, in Orlando, and I was running as a vice presidential candidate to Lynn Fitzpatrick.  I was traveling a lot between D.C. and Florida at the time and they (the republicrats) just wanted to shut me up.  Enter Donna the Piranha at the Philadelphia National Gathering.  Just because I didn’t see her there, doesn’t mean she didn’t see me, or had others follow me.  I met Occumom, who was really in town for some kind of tea party meeting happening that week as well, so she now had an in if needed. 

When I met Donna at Kalamazoo, it was more like she was there waiting for me.  We meet, and the rest is written above.

If this all sounds crazy to you, it is, but this is a lesson in how people think.  How Donna thinks is what is making her run all around telling people that I am a violent person and we will all die if we attempt the plan.  Sure, this is a crazy plan to do if to just replace the government with the same ole status quo.  Replace it with a totally different $y$tem, and this plan is the Shock Doctrine needed to wake the people up and bring us to freedom.  What is crazy is why Donna would be doing all she is to stop me and this plan.  What is it that makes Donna a nonbeliever?  That is what all this craziness is about.

My core beliefs are what lead me to discover Donna Piranha as a fake, a fraud, and a phony: that everyone lies.  It wasn’t clear until she came over here, did nothing, then extorted me to stay when she said, “you want me to leave”, and all because I wouldn’t agree with her that aliens are fake.  She knows they are fake, her father was a rocked scientist.  But one time when she was staying over here, she told me of a flight she had that went near the North Pole and that when they got to a certain point she says they made everyone close the shades to the windows.  She believed that was to hide the entrance to middle earth.  This girl is all over the place.

The reason why this page read like it did was because of Donna.  If anything I said about her was wrong, that is only because that is what Donna tells me.  When I told Occumom that Donna was an ex-rocker that had promiscuous sex with multiple partners a night, she didn’t believe me.  Or was she lying to me.  See, Donna will tell one story to me and another story to Ma, or her homeless boyfriend she rubs them out with.  Why would she do this?  Because she is an evil deceiver, deceiving those she is with to get them to bend to her will.  Just look at the CD cover.  And now that we know how Donna will play people for favors, we can ask ourselves, “why is she doing this?”  What’s in it for her, a life with Rick?

Maybe that is why she says she is celibate.  She never left him.  She had met Janet, from Occupy The Roads.  Donna must have learned that Janet, even though she was married to a man in Washington State, left him to do her thing on the road for the movement.  Janet would go home every few months.  So perhaps Donna saw that as a way to be more mobile.  Her boyfriend was never into the movement.  She could say she is celibate and say she is waiting for her Bo to return.  But like she once said to me while talking to me naked on the phone, “I’m a fat, wrinkly, postpartum woman, I’m not something you’d want to see naked.”  Maybe he figured that out and left her.  Only they would know the real story and by the way Donna tweeted over 200 lies, I really have no idea of what the truth is.  I could never trust her again.  You shouldn’t either. 

Donna was an all out one woman wrecking crew on my ass.  In April, she enlisted help from Nikki, another man hating misandrist.  Two days after I arrived back in L.A. county after a long absence, Donna sent this tweet:

Busted. It had been over three months since I last thought about Donna. I forgot about it to the point that I left working on this web site or building a database and just took to hanging out with my friends. No more work. I quit, but Donna has to bring this all up again.  Wonder why?  (I’m not telling you all my thoughts.)  So she gets in her car and drives to Hesperia, CA, to meet with this handle, @UroniMoFo, to do #YouShouldHaveExpectedMe to me; whatever that means.  These two have a plan to “take care” of me and Donna is showing us all her excitement.  Funny thing, too, because this @UroniMoFo is the same person as @URonPlanetEarth, who liked and retweeted a tweet of Donna’s from the January 4th twitter storm.  So who are these URon people?  She is Nikki, a print and video artist whom I met in Sacramento, at the third Occupy National Gathering, in 2014.  Click on the links in both profiles, you’ll see.  You’ll figure her out.

The pictured tweet was done around the same time I received the threatening texts from the unknown.  Not sure of the exact date as I have a new phone and cannot find it.  It was a Tampa area code and when I looked up the address of the number it said it was in a building located directly next door to the park where the first Occupy Tampa encampment was located.  Hum.  Who would know that?  I called the number, but it said I couldn’t leave a message.  The person on the other end knew I tried to call and sent a text saying she couldn’t answer the phone right then.  I then sent a link that they clicked on and knew right away that they were located in the local area and using a voip computer phone.  It was those text messages that got me to take another look at Donna the Piranha.  If not for them, this page would never have existed.

Donna and Nikki never found me, nor did they anything physical to me.  Not yet at least.  Now I know who to watch out for.  Nikki is a big girl.  She might have been teased in school, called Amazon because of her size and that might be where her dislike of men comes from.  It came from somewhere.  She thinks she is not of this world.  Could you imagine the front she must be putting up to pretend it never hurt her and she is over it now, when she is not?  Maybe she told Donna she would bet me up for her.  If she is a violent or an evil person, she might.  Donna is, she liked this tweet.  She likes the ideas of an armed and violent revolution.  Nikki knew Donna couldn’t pull the kings privilege, so I think these two were planning to do me some harm. 

After I found the old twitter storm, I did my research and wrote this page.  In about one month, every person in this country will be googling my name.  When I saw the lies from a pair of women with destructive plans of their own, I had to expose them.  If anything happens to me, you go after them.  If anonymous is involved with these two, I don’t want to be involved with them.  Hopefully, they were just as fooled by the pair as me and have by now done their investigation on them. 

Here in lies a much larger problem than you know.  After watching the political race over the past 6 to 8 months, I realize that this fight isn’t first and foremost the ending of capitalism and tyranny.  It isn’t just about the haves and the have nots.  It is much larger and more complicated than that.  We have to heal ourselves folks.  We all harbor hidden prejudices which make up our core beliefs.  Wake up, you are all human, own it.  Half of all marriages end in divorce in this country.  I can see the hatred between the spouses during these break-ups.  I’ve had live-ins.  These female divorcees are just like Donna and Nikki, men haters.  They are women who don’t want to believe that they hate men and try like crazy to make it work, only to find out that they cannot. Donna and Nikki, understand this a lot better then these married misandrists who cannot accept that fact that they just hate men too much to stay in a relationship with one, so the pair never married.  The numb-nuts that do, are ruining it for the rest of us. Guilty are the women haters who marry as well.  And the marriages between a misandrist and a mysonganist end in the worst ways.  Stand clear. 

To Donna and Nikki, the problem isn’t first ending the tyranny, it’s ending the patriarchy.  To them, and all the men haters in this struggle, that is the imperative.  But as for me?  I am a man who understand the history of our world.  I am not a man in search of power, riches or fame.  I am a simple man, an insightful man, who treats all as the same according to their truthfulness.  I am not a man who would stack the cabinet with men just because they are.  Perhaps if these two could have seen that, maybe none of this would have been written.  But truth is truth, and now we know, so perhaps we can forget about these two and move on without competition. 

The team of TheDonnaPiranha and the Uronies, have deep dark secrets, core beliefs, that have them wanting to do me harm, in order to place a woman in power.  Donna already told us there were some people out to get me.  Now we know one, or two depending on how you look at it.  I know this, they better stay away from me.

I was hoping to get you all to see the errors of our ways and change it.  Being a realist, I could see that this change was not going to come from Washington.  It was going to take an awakening of the people to realize this and make the move that I had put together in the plan. 

Donna’s part was to begin in January.  If I were to be the father of this revolution, Donna was to be its mother.  She was to get me on live stream and viewed by many so you could all learn my personality.  With the 5 months I had given to this part of the plan, we would have had this web site a household name.  But Donna had other plans.  She claims she didn’t want me being president, but made no suggestion as to who it should be.  I have no problem being VP. I did run for VP under A WOMAN!  I am the man with the plan.  As VP I can put it together, while the president eases us out of capitalistic tyranny.  But I think I might know what it is that is controlling Donna’s core beliefs.

Donna believes she is the reincarnation of Hypatia.   In fact, that is what is on her vanity plate.  Hypatia was said to be the first female intellectual, having been taught astronomy and mathematics by her father.  She was a pagan, an anti Christian type.  She was brutally murdered by men.  Hmm.  Queenie is still holding a grudge after all these incarnations.  She cannot stand it when a man won’t listen to her, like at the hospital, or like she did on my bus when I wouldn’t listen to her educated guesses about aliens. 

I was going to write about all the people who retweeted or liked any of the tweets she made concerning me.  Screw it, not worth it.  I did send those people a link to this page, so they know the truth by now.  

So what should happen now?  I wrote this page to expose Donna Piranha to anonymous, so they know there is a wolf in the fold.  Not only that, but she is working with Nikki, a.k.a. URonPlanetEarth a.k.a. URoniMoFo.  These two women should not be trusted if you have some sort of plan to bring us out of this tyranny and into a freer world.  They have made it clear they are coming to stop this plan and me.  If your plan doesn’t consist of right away implementing a matriarchal government, forget it.  They will sabotage you too.  Perhaps they don’t understand they can kill me, but not the idea.  Problem is, I have it on good intuition that if we put another republicrat back into office and we do not have a plan in place to stop capitalism and the extractions of fossil fuels by the end of this year, it is for sure Yellowstone is going boom or a comet will hit us, or both.   These two women have no idea of the stakes at hand.

There is still hope for us all.  It all depends on Donna and her friend Nikki.  Until about a week ago, I was down thinking about our impending doom and how I put my trust in Donna.  I should have called someone else.  I should have called Pam Beers.  I just don’t know her as well.  Her name might even be Patty for all I know.  The race between all those republicrats was making me crazy.  But last week Bernie did it.  He brought back my hope and made me feel very good for the first time in a long time.  The plans have changed.  If Donna had stuck around long enough, who knows what might have happened, but somehow, someway, this web site found its way to Bernie Sanders and he was attentive. 

In one or two of her tweets, Donna said I was shaming her.  If she feels shame then that is very good.  That comes from knowing she not only did something bad to us, but she did wrong.  Her attack was not on me, but on the world, and she was caught.  Now that she has been exposed and there is no place for her to hide, it is time for Donna to come clean and help save us all.  Will she tell us that she is an undercover informant, or I am as fruity as a nut cake?   I could be wrong about the girls being confidential informants and what if I am?  What would that mean?  It means I accept their assertion that they are smart.  Why would Donna, be such the Great Deceiver that she is?  Why is she hell bent on stopping myself and this plan for our liberation?  I don’t know.  Matriarchy maybe?  Of the Uronies, Nikki has been busy with the PlanetEarth one, tweeting out over 100 tweets today alone.  MoFo isn’t as active.  Will Donna’s shame turn to healing, or will she kill us all?  It could be up to her.  What if Bernie Sanders knows nothing about this plan and me for our revolution? What if Bernie is so Washington ingrained that he decides to stay a republicrat and not join me in a bid for the White House?  Then the only hope we have at surviving into February would be back to plan A.  Some healing on the part of Donna would be crucial for this now new plan.

I know one thing, if I am crazy and there is no vice presidential run in my future, no one will ever see or hear form me again.  I will never make an update on this site, nor a tweet on twitter.  I will not even follow twitter or the news.  I will be parking my house on Yellowstone, where I will wait for it to go.  And if it doesn’t, I’m sure the U will take me for failing it, while the rest of you will live forever in bondage. 

Neither Donna, nor Nikki, will come clean.  Donna will deny, deny, deny, her involvement with CoIntelPro.   That leaves either one of two scenarios that it could be.  One, that she has a secret plan of her own that will get rid of this patriarchal society and replace it with a matriarchal one, or two, that she is just bat shit crazy and has no idea what her role in life is, most importantly with the revolution.  She has her Occupy revolution, we have #OurRevolution.  My neighbor, who has been following me around the past few months and was present when the threatening texts were sent in April, thinks she’s just nuts.  But my neighbor has never held a sign or marched for a cause in her life.  She is totally asleep, so I don’t think she is able to see what takes years in this business to figure out.  Donna will deny everything and just keep to name-calling, like Trump.  She will not for any reason whatsoever admit to why she believes this plan will not work, who she wants as the leader, or the merits of the new economic plan.  So what we all have to ask ourselves is this, “if Donna is not CoIntelPro, then why is she hell bent on stopping this idea?”  Is it that she is just a coward?  I think we can all figure it out.  It’s one of the three.

I want to leave you with something that is easily proven.  Donna claims that she came over here to just do some bus sitting and that she got here on December 27.  However, the story about what happened between the Catholic Church and myself, Donna knew about.  She tells you different.  She was kind of happy that I wasn’t going to Israel because that gave her more time to get here.  More importantly, it enabled her to attend the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, on New Years Day.  She really wanted to that more than to sit the bus and was happy that she would be closer to the parade and could join up with me later.   Occumom, Nadine, lives around there, so Donna stayed there on NYE so she could make the Parade the next morning.  Plus it was Donna’s birthday.  This was our conversation that we had that evening. 

Donna Piranha Dec1
Donna Piranha Dec2 Donna Piranha Dec3 Donna Piranha Dec4

It is clear from the first tweet that Donna read and liked this plan.  In the second message I make it clear that the job is to start on Sunday, the 27th.  We continue discussing it.

Donna Piranha Dec5
Donna Piranha Dec6 Donna Piranha Dec7
Donna Piranha Dec8

Our texting is very intermittent.  A couple of days later I found out that I would not be going and no longer needed her for just bus sitting.  I contacted her, told her the trip to Israel was a no go and that if she came over it would only be to work for the revolution.  A couple of days later there was a lot of traffic hitting the web site, especially the page on the Christians.  I question her if she made the facebook post.

Donna Piranha Dec12
Donna Piranha Dec9 Donna Piranha Dec10 Donna Piranha Dec11

I hadn’t heard from Donna in a couple of days.  On the 31st I write her to see if she is still willing to come over and work till the election.  She agrees, telling me she is at Nadine’s, hasn’t showered and wanted me to meet her in L.A. which was a definite “no” by me.  She wanted to see Motley Crew.  She also tells me that her leg is starting to show signs of damage from living in that tiny car.

Donna Piranha Dec14
Donna Piranha Dec13

Don’t ever think that Donna’s leg or anything else wasn’t already there.  Again, she is on permanent disability from the taxpayers because her body so messed up.  Her need for a cane is from this here, not from what she claims I did to her.  She is just a liar folks.  Never trust her.

This blatant lie by Donna is not her getting it wrong, it was her trying to deceive you into believing that I tricked her, I deceived her, into coming over only to work on a patriarchal revolution.  She wants you to think that she thought she was only coming over here to bus sit, but it turned ugly.  This proven lie alone should tell you that this person lies, this person is a deceiver, this person is evil.  Run.  Run fast.  Get away and don’t look back.  You will advance your causes much more.  I love the way Donna has been tweeting for a video crew to met her at the police department.  She says that is her job.  If that is, then why is she trying to get other people to do it for her?  If she is not CoIntelPro, then she is just a dumb b’atch that you all adore.  Either hate her or pity her, never friend her.  Please, Donna, , for the love of humanity, grow up.

Update: July 17, 2016

Donna piranha Polonia Update

Look at what Donna did on the afternoon in which I posted the above conclusion. Her site,, has been updated.  And how was it updated?  It was basically taken down. So now when you click on the site’s link, it brings you nowhere.  This is a felony she is trying to cover up here.  I am willing to bet (maybe my life) that everything I wrote above is 100% accurate.  She is in a tizzy trying to keep this information from you.   I think Donna is running scared now that she has been exposed. Perhaps I will send this page to the local authorities and let them deal with her.  I’m telling you, Donna Piranha Byczkiewicz is not homeless and is living at the address stated to the left.  Notice how in the update didn’t include a new address.  She’s got you all fooled.

Oh, but wait, there’s more.  When I googled Donna’s mother, I found this on her brother below. Why do you think Donna’s brother would be listed on that address?  Could it be him who is currently paying the rent and always has been? Could he be one of the people looking for me?  Looks like he is in on the Polonia scam as well.  Too bad Stephanie doesn’t have an email address. She does have an address and phone number though. I will contact the proper authorities and report this felony.  Sucks to be Donna now, huh?


It is obvious what is going on here.  Vic Jr., must have always held the lease.  I’m sure if I, or the authorities, called the landlord we would be able to find out.  He and Donna are both in on the Polonia scam, or was; it was taken down on the sixth.  Donna says her father beat her, but never sexually abused her.  Also, Donna tells me Vic is gay. I know many girls who were sexually abused as children who also have a brother that is gay and most, if not all, of those sisters worked in the sex industry.  Donna has never admitted to working in the sex industry, but I think it is quite clear what she is trying to sell here.  Could the brothers of these girls have been abused as well?  That has always been my belief.  I know men who were sexually abused by their fathers or uncles as children, up to their teen years, who turned out gay or bisexual.  Just about everyone I have met that has been sexually abused as a child and/or young adult, are either sex workers, gay, bisexual, or promiscuous with major head problems.  Perhaps this pair has a secrete they share and this secrete has (had) them both justifying their actions for the reasons for this fraud? The silent partner.


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